The Secrets of Art Magazine is aimed for those who have a strong passion and interest in the visual culture whether they are artists, art professionals, collectors or art lovers. The ultimate goal is highlighting the importance of creativity and art, as channels for change and for the promotion of aesthetics in other areas of life.

Game Changers

Celebrating the Artist

Freedom for an artist is the only way of living, creating and contributing. For many, creating freely is impossible, an illusion and delirious. For some, it is a life purpose to see artists create freely, celebrating them for what they do and who they are. One of those who’s aims has become to celebrate the […]

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Those Who do it differently

Discovering talented artists

Artists are often struggling with recognition and their options might seem limited. However there are a few platforms offering talented artists the possibility to be discovered. 8 years and 34 editions ago The Other Art Fair was born in London, UK thanks to the visionary art lover Ryan Stanier. The success of the initial visionary […]

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Art in every days

The value of art making

Creative work is a process, which is often misunderstood, not understood, undervalued and more than that difficult to be expressed by the artist herself. Valuing art making comes from the one who is benefiting and appreciating the art and all that comes from and with it as well as from the artist herself, who is […]

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Advices, Best Practices

Be open to change and adapt: advice from an art curator’s own experience

Connecting artists and art lovers is her passion, supporting yet unknown emerging talented artists has been her path. Rebecca Wilson, chief curator and vice president of Art Advisory at Saatchi Art, shares her advices to both artists and art lovers. Rebecca Wilson has been brought up by open-minded, liberal parents and she was lucky enough […]

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In Focus

Transforming through art

A unique example in Japan showing how art has the power to transform and elevate a once forgotten and remote, industrial area into a spiritually fulfilling and blooming part of our world. According to a Japanese concept, when one follows their Ikigai, their “raison d’etre”, the reason to be, to live and to wake up […]

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Where Business Crosses Art

Crossing Journeys

We live in an interconnected world. More than ever it is realized how important it is to live in a symbiosis, with relationships that mutually benefit each other. This is what BMW has realized too when, in 2015 it launched a collaboration with Art Basel, called BMW Art Journey. The artist’s journey is much more […]

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