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Kamiar Maleki, art collector and director of the VOLTA and Pulse Fairs

Making art and the art world more accessible

Kamiar Maleki, art collector and director of the VOLTA and Pulse Fairs, is in a unique perspective of having the opportunity to experience various sides of what makes up the art world: that of the collectors, galleries, artists, curators, dealers. This has been ever more so valuable during times of crisis and transformation, having had […]

Irina Tarsis

Droit de Suite: Let’s talk about Artist’s Resale Royalty Rights

Many have heard about resale royalty rights in many fields of profession, but hardly in the art world. Especially rare to talk or read about it when it comes to artists and their works. In the entertainment field, like the music and film industry it is a well-accepted working process, however in the visual arts […]

REA Art Fair team

Entrepreneurship and female intuition to disrupt and change

They call themselves: the reactive, raw, radically new. A non-profit organisation with an Art Fair that is all about empowering underrepresented and non-commercial artists. The REA Art Fair is an artist oriented show specifically focusing on promoting emerging talents.  While the pandemic is disrupting existing and accepted ways of making, showing and selling art, the […]

Our bond to nature and the role of art expressing this

Our bond to nature has been depicted since the very early times of cave drawings. It was the very first illustration of the interrelatedness between man and nature, our environment, the Earth. Often we understand art as something static, relating to fixed objects that can be either in the form of paintings or statues. Nevertheless, […]

Outdoor “galleries” defined by the changing sky and landscape

Storm King Art Center, a large-scale sculpture park is an outdoor museum that changes with the seasons. It is a dynamic place where Nature and Man create together. As nature changes during the different seasons of the year, so does the art scenery with always new sculptures and exhibitions to be discovered in its landscape […]

What can we learn from children’s freedom of creativity?

Children are associated with being able to flow with the moment, living in the present, and being able to feel and express their joy without being externally influenced. Their power for creativity stems from these ways of being in a state of freeness. It is a state associated with creating, which is accessible to everyone […]

“Art connects women” – Creating, connecting and transforming

The world might not be built and ready for resilient, self- determined, change-oriented women. Nevertheless, they have an inner drive and the potential to pave their own way. Connecting such women, who’s aims are to create and see change in our world is the aim of the Programme “Art connects women”. The Programme’s founder is […]

The circle of life in art and nature

Just like the symbols of Yin and Yang, complementing each other and thus representing the circle of life, the New Zealand artists Martin Hill and Philippa Jones bring the message of balance and healing of nature through art. The artists work together combining art and nature, creating works that are not just breathtaking and aesthetically […]

What holds an art lover back to become an art collector?

Collecting art can either start from appreciation or from financial considerations. Yet, there are countless withholding factors for art lovers to move their passion and appreciation to the next level. What are the main fears and how can art lovers overcome them? Starting to collect art is the next step in the art journey. It […]

Rolls-Royce Art Programme

“Muse”: the source that inspires Rolls-Royce and Artists

The muse inspires artists and also a car company, Rolls- Royce Motor Cars to be the channel for new insights into the way that artists see and think. Rolls-Royce with its new vision for its Art Programme, “Muse” acts as the catalyst for artists, motivating them to be inspired and to find their own muse, […]

secrets of art magazine spring 2020

The Spring 2020 issue is here

Dorottya Novak, chief editor of the Secrets of Art Magazine Dear Reader, Art is in motion, because it reflects life and our bond to all that surrounds us, whether they are other people, the nature, our environment, our inner world. Our environment, our Earth and the people living on it are in more need than […]

Being seen and appreciated – finding their way again after 100 years

As more museums start to focus on showcasing women artists, the more women artists of the past are reappearing, with a story to tell behind the painting or the sculpture. One of these museums with a rare exhibition entitled “Fighting for visibility”, grants visibility exactly after 100 years that the first women were allowed to […]

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