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 November 20, 2019

Tillen on unsplash
© Photo by Matthias Tillen on unsplash

Imagine a place in which wherever you look at you find natural beauty in various forms. Whether they are snowy mountains, immaculate fjords, clear waters or the cities themselves, everything is vivid and constantly changing.

The natural beauty of Lofoten has long inspired artists and continues to do so with art, architecture, visions and projects imbued with a breathtaking but also coarse nature.

Many people have never heard of the Lofoten islands in Norway and especially not that it would be linked to art and artists.

The Lofoten archipelago is made up of six islands and many other hundreds, that are unpopulated and thus offer mother nature to be observed and inspire in its purest form.

It attracts adventurers, nature enthusiasts and artists for the same purpose: to capture moments of nature in motion. Similarly, like an artwork as it is being formed and created layer upon layer, nature here in Lofoten is in a constant change, offering always a different image, waiting to be captured.

© Photo by Dan Magatti on unsplash

The raw, wild and stunning nature of this place makes it possible to experience the ever-changing and often harsh phenomena of nature. At the same time, away from the buzz and busyness of the cities, the place also triggers thoughts to reflect upon that similarly might provoke turbulence and deep reflection. It is an ideal place for new visions to emerge from a place of unrest.

Lofoten is also the place that gives birth to environmentally-conscious projects, to reflect upon the relationship between humans and nature. Art created here can fully explore its potential to transform society.

Several projects that are born here bring together an international collective of artists, activists, researchers and architects who work together to envision and create alternatives to the existing social, political and environmental issues around the world.

Lofoten has been popular with artists already in the past. It has long attracted writers, photographers, painters - such as the Norwegian painter Gunnar Berg as well, known for his many paintings of Lofoten - and continues to do so today as well with many contemporary artists. The contemporary art scene here is vibrant and particular with an international art fair of its own.

Like the nature of this region, which is turbulent, in motion and stunningly beautiful so does the Lofoten International Art Festival reflect back this same idea in its main themes.

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