What can we learn from children’s freedom of creativity?

 May 06, 2020

Children are associated with being able to flow with the moment, living in the present, and being able to feel and express their joy without being externally influenced. Their power for creativity stems from these ways of being in a state of freeness. It is a state associated with creating, which is accessible to everyone […]

Living colours

 January 16, 2020

One does not have to be an artist or to have artistic talents in order to notice the variety of colours and shades that surround us. Many of us do not give much importance to colours, we hardly even notice they form our moods, they are part of the ever changing nature, they have symbolical […]

The value of art making

 May 30, 2019

Creative work is a process, which is often misunderstood, not understood, undervalued and more than that difficult to be expressed by the artist herself. Valuing art making comes from the one who is benefiting and appreciating the art and all that comes from and with it as well as from the artist herself, who is […]