Outdoor “galleries” defined by the changing sky and landscape

 May 15, 2020

Storm King Art Center, a large-scale sculpture park is an outdoor museum that changes with the seasons. It is a dynamic place where Nature and Man create together. As nature changes during the different seasons of the year, so does the art scenery with always new sculptures and exhibitions to be discovered in its landscape […]

A physical and virtual space, bridging art and people

 February 27, 2020

The development of technologies, such as augmented and virtual reality, has brought a new perspective to experiencing art. It is becoming more and more widespread also in traditional places such as museums, which are motivated more to open their doors. Experiencing art, going to museums is moving away from being a privileged and niche activity […]

Nature in motion that inspires to create

 November 20, 2019

Imagine a place in which wherever you look at you find natural beauty in various forms. Whether they are snowy mountains, immaculate fjords, clear waters or the cities themselves, everything is vivid and constantly changing. The natural beauty of Lofoten has long inspired artists and continues to do so with art, architecture, visions and projects […]

Meet us at the Paris contemporary art show by YIA ART FAIR

 November 08, 2019

Pick up a free copy of the Secrets of Art Magazine at the Paris Contemporary Art Show by YIA Art Fair. The Secrets of Art Magazine is proud to be part of the annual Paris Contemporary Art Show by YIA Art Fair. Celebrating this co-operation visitors are welcomed with a complimentary copy of the latest edition of […]

Transforming through art

 May 20, 2019

A unique example in Japan showing how art has the power to transform and elevate a once forgotten and remote, industrial area into a spiritually fulfilling and blooming part of our world. According to a Japanese concept, when one follows their Ikigai, their “raison d’etre”, the reason to be, to live and to wake up […]