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The Secrets of Art Magazine is not the classical newsstand magazine. Our distribution is focusing on private and printed subscribers as well as on digital distribution. The key for us is the direct connection with our physical and/ or digital subscribers.

Thanks to both types of editions our exclusive articles reach out to art professionals who enjoy and cultivate the special art insights.

The physically printed is privately distributed to our 8,000 subscribers and we also offer complimentary copies in various private venues.

Why the Secrets of Art Magazine?

‣ We have an exceptional UHNW and art collector reach thanks to 9 years of personal networks. Generally speaking people who love surrounding themselves with unique aesthetics.

‣ The chief editor of the Secrets of Art Magazine has a vast experience with Ultra-High-Net-Worth art collectors.

‣ Among our subscribers:

  • 600+ UHNW/HNW art collectors
  • 100+ art asset managers
  • 800+ galleries
  • 6,500+ art lovers

‣ Our total combined reach (printed+digital+private events):

  • 550,000+


Our target group


The Secrets of Art Magazine is about exceptional people who are committed to change, advocates of art and artists. Furthermore it provides a platform for sharing the individual paths of artists, special places dedicated to art from around the world, bringing art closer to people and giving advice and real life experiences to those who create.

The Secrets of Art Magazine is aimed for those who have a strong passion and interest in the visual culture whether they are artists, art professionals, collectors or art lovers. The ultimate goal is highlighting the importance of creativity and art, as channels for change and for the promotion of aesthetics in other areas of life.

In realizing this, uplifting and motivating stories, supportive advices, insights and interviews from all over the world are brought together in one place, bringing art closer to everyone.


How can we help You to reach your audience

The Secrets of Art Magazine makes it possible for you to publish selected brand content in our network by:

  • Tailor-made exposure for the business
  • Product placement links in the digital editions
  • Creating relevant interviews/PR articles
  • Dedicated team at your disposal

Main Themes

  • In Focus
  • Women in the art world
  • Art and creativity in business Art shaping the future
  • Art in every days
  • Art collectors/curators
  • Artist interview/art stories
  • Advices/best practices
  • Those who do it differently
  • Game changers
  • Know your rights


Media inquiries:

Dorottya Novak
Chief editor


Upcoming advertising deadlines:

Summer issue (June-July-August 2020):
Printing material: May 20, 2020
Publication: June 5, 2020


Upcoming partner events & international art fairs:

The Secrets of Art Magazine will be distributed at the following upcoming art fairs:

  • Art Vancouver (new date be announced due to Coronavirus)
  • VOLTA Basel (June 2020)

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