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The Secrets of Art Magazine is a Germany based art magazine with physical printed and online editions.

Thanks to both types of editions our exclusive articles reach out to art professionals who enjoy and cultivate the special art insights.

The Secrets of Art Magazine is about exceptional people who are committed to change, advocates of art and artists. Furthermore it provides a platform for sharing the individual paths of artists, special places dedicated to art from around the world, bringing art closer to people and giving advice and real life experiences to those who create.

The Secrets of Art Magazine is aimed for those who have a strong passion and interest in the visual culture whether they are artists, art professionals, collectors or art lovers. The ultimate goal is highlighting the importance of creativity and art, as channels for change and for the promotion of aesthetics in other areas of life.

In realizing this, uplifting and motivating stories, supportive advices, insights and interviews from all over the world are brought together in one place, bringing art closer to everyone.

Main Themes

  • In Focus
  • Women in the art world
  • Art and creativity in business Art shaping the future
  • Art in every days
  • Art collectors/curators
  • Artist interview/art stories
  • Advices/best practices
  • Those who do it differently
  • Game changers
  • Know your rights

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Dorottya Novak
Chief editor