Rebirth – changing into different forms

 September 23, 2019

Photo: Kyung-Hee KIM

Her art is like poetry, flowing colours, textures and forms touching the soul. They talk for themselves. She considers her art more important than her public profile and wants to be seen only through her works, without any filters.

Her name is Kyung-Hee KIM, fabric artist from Korea, which she considers enough to introduce herself.

The process of KIM’s work is in itself like writing a poetry, capturing the essence and the fleeting impressions of the moment. Her canvas is white fabric where she starts her work.

I cut pure white fabric into pieces, dye them with colors and turn them into various shapes - from tiny little petals to a fully blossomed flower to a stunning garden brimming with flowers to a rain of flowers.

Sometimes a countless number of feathers come together to create a flock of birds flying in the sky. Bits and pieces are blended together in all of my works,
” she describes it more in detail.

Creating gives KIM a great deal of fun and joy. However, at the same time it is a process that tests her patience because it requires endless hours of tedious and monotonous work. She tells us that the seemingly incessant cycle of simple and repetitive tasks make her at times delve into a series of questions about important themes such as life, humanity and her work. This deep diving into the soul reflects in her simple and yet meaningful artworks.

Kyung-Hee KIM
Photo: Kyung-Hee KIM

It is a journey into my own world where I think long and hard to seek answers completely on my own. It makes my otherwise laborious and tiresome work delightful and amusing,” explains to us KIM.

Just as her artwork, KIM’s thoughts reflect pure humbleness. Art for her is a big dialogue, however she does not consider herself as one of those great artists who avail themselves of this deep and profound dialogue.

Read further our exclusive interview with Kyung-Hee KIM in the 2nd Issue of the Secrets of Art Magazine.

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