“The Space for Art“ story

 September 15, 2019

Photo via Nicole Stott

It all began with an idea, which gave birth to The Space for Art Foundation. The mission of the Space for Art Foundation is to unite children around the world to help them overcome challenges they are facing, through the discovery of the wonder of space exploration with the power of art.

The Foundation’s projects - such as the “Spacesuit Art Project” or the “Postcards to Space” - are designed to ignite the strength and vision of the children who create them, to draw inspiration from the audacity and ingenuity of space exploration, and to nurture the dreams that all of the children have for a happy and healthy future for themselves and those around them.

© NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona

The projects are creative, bringing children together through art and their imagination around space. Their aim is especially to create something beautiful and meaningful together with an understanding of the very special place they share with all of the other children here on Spaceship Earth.

The team, or as they call themselves the “Crew”, consists of artists, astronauts and other experts from all over the world, whose common aim is to bring hope, beauty, transformation to communities through art. They do this by developing and implementing space-inspired art therapy programs, exhibits and research.

Nicole Stott, artist and astronaut is also a Crew member, dedicating most of her time to the Space for Art Foundation’s goals and to bring light and colours to others. Eventhough she does not go anymore to space, she continues to inspire through her own visions reminding others that we are all part of this “Earth Spaceship”.

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