“Art connects women” – Creating, connecting and transforming

 April 30, 2020

The world might not be built and ready for resilient, self- determined, change-oriented women. Nevertheless, they have an inner drive and the potential to pave their own way. Connecting such women, who’s aims are to create and see change in our world is the aim of the Programme “Art connects women”. The Programme’s founder is […]

Being seen and appreciated – finding their way again after 100 years

 March 11, 2020

As more museums start to focus on showcasing women artists, the more women artists of the past are reappearing, with a story to tell behind the painting or the sculpture. One of these museums with a rare exhibition entitled “Fighting for visibility”, grants visibility exactly after 100 years that the first women were allowed to […]

Women artists who are also mothers

 November 05, 2019

Differentiating women artists after pregnancy seems to be a past issue now that so many opportunities exist to make choices from. But what about limitations that come from women themselves, that need to be re-evaluated? In the past women were tied to domestic life, having no access to learning art as a vocation, participating in […]